Global Summer School Program

A Journey through Czech Language, History, and Culture

3rd June - 21st June, 2024

1600 USD

3 US / 6 ECTS Credits

English - Czech



*Last day to apply: May 20th

This course is designed to develop students' practical knowledge of the Czech language, enable them to function and feel comfortable in everyday situations, and facilitate a degree of integration into Czech culture and society while in Prague. Students will learn how to ask for directions, order in restaurants, ask about goods in stores, introduce themselves, arrange meetings and invitations, and express their opinions. Apply now and get an early bird discount of 1490 USD!

The course is focused on correct pronunciation and acquisition of relevant vocabulary and phraseology. Grammatical topics are introduced and used as tools enabling the use of Czech in simple conversational situations. 


The course also includes topics related to Czech culture as a basic introduction to Czech society and customs. 


As part of the course, two excursions to historically interesting places in Prague and a visit to a cafe and a supermarket are planned.

See syllabus here

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  • Prague Castle
  • Karlštejn Castle
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