AAU housing by Zeitraum is available to SSP participants, in a lively district of Holešovice (Prague 7) – one of the 10 coolest neighborhoods to live in Europe, according to the Guardian. Zeitraum offers housing for AAU students, SSP participants, and other young professionals in Prague. The building is approximately 20 minutes from the AAU campus by public transport and offers comfortable and equipped facilities. Participants taking a part in the GSSP can choose between single and double rooms in units with a private bathroom. 

Accommodation is available in fully equipped modern student dorms and must be requested at

  • Single room: 1100 USD
  • Double room: 860 USD

The rolling application process is subject to housing availability. Additionally, it is essential to emphasize that visa-seeking students must include documented proof of housing arrangements as an integral component of their visa application.

Note: Housing will remain available until our capacity is fully utilized.